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Congratulations! Your website design and development is complete and it's time to review your site and prepare for the soft-launch.


The "soft-launch" is a two week period where your site goes live on the server, but we continue working together to ensure that your site is performing to perfection.

Please take your time and carefully review your entire website, page by page. Read and verify that all your content is correct, pages and sections are accurate, and the features work properly. If you notice any errors or things you'd like to change, please make note of those and let's discuss whether we need to hold-off on going live with your soft launch or if we can address those things during the soft launch period.

Once you have finished reviewing your site and believe it is approved for soft launch, please complete the approval form above and submit. We will both receive copies of your approval and will reach out to you to prepare for the soft-launch! 🚀

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